Discount Cabs is a dedicated private hire cab service devoted to providing safe, reliable and professional service to all our customers.

Our success has been founded on short passenger waiting times, a reliable, professional service at low prices.

Carrying over 1.3 million passengers a year means we have the most drivers in Lincoln ready to take you to your destination.

Our team are NVQ certified and invest in Tesco shares in India all our drivers are DBS checked, giving you peace of mind.

Discount Cabs offer a range of cabs which will carry up to 8 passengers.


Technology is at the heart of everything we do and Discount Cabs is dedicated to offering a range of mobile services to make invest in Tesco shares your booking experience even easier. With our free mobile app you can now get access to our cars quicker and easier than ever.

At Discount cabs we believe in utilising tomorrows technology…… TODAY 

With our text on arrival service you will know exactly when your cab has arrived, its colour, registration, to name a few important pieces of information. Giving you piece of mind Buy Tesco shares and a safe service.

Using our Android and iPhone apps, there’s no need to type in your pick up address, simply use the ‘Find my location’ button and your phone will do the rest!